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"Kola" series elevators are a new generation of high-quality series elevators with international standards, built by Sichuan Kola Elevator Co., Ltd., based on German elevator technology, using industry production equipment and military production standards. The design and manufacture of "Kola" elevators have always been guided by the national defense base-China Academy of Engineering Physics: "Serious, thoughtful, meticulous, safe and reliable, and foolproof" as the guide, which inherits the military design and manufacturing concept of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, people-oriented, For the sake of users, with safety, stability, comfort, beauty, and applicability as the standards, for the majority of users, we carefully manufacture passenger elevators, freight elevators, sightseeing elevators, villa elevators, and old buildings with elevators, escalators, moving walks, and sundries elevators. , Medical elevators and other types of elevators to meet the needs of users. We solemnly promise: While ensuring product quality, the Collet series elevators will also provide timely and thoughtful unique after-sales service to ensure that users can use the elevator with confidence and create a new and comfortable three-dimensional moving space for the majority of users.