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Usage and complaints soared, and elevator cylinders became 3 this year? 15 focus


2022-08-22 14:20


  In recent years, with the rapid economic and social development of our city, the rights protection disputes, potential safety hazards and use complaints of special equipment such as elevators, boilers and gas cylinders have also increased rapidly. Especially with the substantial increase of high-rise buildings in our city, the number of elevators and complaints in the process of use show a trend of batch growth. So this year 3? The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will focus on the safe use and law enforcement inspection of special equipment dominated by elevators, and strengthen the publicity of safe use and law enforcement and rectification.

  It is understood that in recent years, the number of elevators, boilers, amusement facilities, gas cylinders and other special equipment in our city has increased rapidly. Among them, 300 elevators were added in 2004, 500 in 2009, more than 1000 in 2010, and 1300 in last year, making the city close to 5000 elevators alone. In direct proportion to this, complaints about the use of elevators have also increased significantly from the original zero complaints to last year. The number of gas cylinders has soared from 10000 years ago to 100000 now, especially in taxis and private cars. However, some small enterprises and workshops still fill and pour gas cylinders illegally. On the whole, these equipment show a rapid growth trend of 25%, and use disputes and safety accidents also occur from time to time.

  According to the investigation of law enforcement officers, among such equipment closely related to the people, 80% of them are complaints and accidents caused by improper use, failure to maintain as required, illegal operation, undocumented operation, and even illegal installation, which seriously affect the life and even life safety of the people. (author: Ge Wenrong)


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