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Notice of soliciting photographic works


2022-08-22 14:20


  Notice of soliciting photographic works

  Departments, branches and subsidiaries of the company:

  In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, the labor union of the company has decided to carry out the collection of photographic works among all employees of Kelai elevator. The notice is as follows:

  1、 Classification of works:

  1. "Beauty of scenery": it focuses on scenery themes to show the great rivers and mountains, natural scenery and construction achievements of the motherland.

  2. "The beauty of culture": focusing on Folk Themes, it shows the beauty of Chinese traditional culture, local customs and the integration of tradition and modernity.

  3. "The beauty of the soul": it focuses on news characters, finds good people and good deeds, a bit of virtue in ordinary life, and spreads the positive energy of Chinese virtue.

  2、 Work requirements:

  1. All entries are digital electronic documents, black and white, color and group photos. Please indicate the title, author's name, Department, shooting location and shooting date, and briefly summarize the central idea expressed in the works.

  2. The works can only be properly cut, and the white balance, color scale, contrast, color saturation and sharpness can be adjusted appropriately. The works made by pure computer and digital photography works with large changes are not accepted, and the pixels are not less than 3 million.

  3. The works require exquisite pictures, prominent themes, unique angles and new ideas; It can be a single work or a group of pictures (4 ~ 8), which can be equipped with picture descriptions. All works will not be returned. Please keep the negative.

  4. The contributor shall ensure that the use right, ownership and copyright of the entries are obtained through legal means, and the entries are free from plagiarism and infringement. Otherwise, in case of legal disputes or claims made by a third party to the company, the relevant responsibilities shall be borne by the contributor, and the company has the right to revoke the entry right and award-winning qualification of the works at any time, If losses are caused to the company, the company has the right to recover.

  3、 Award and use of works:

  After the solicitation, the trade union of the company will organize a review team to review the submitted manuscripts and award awards. The award-winning works will be displayed and rewarded through OA network. At the same time, the company will own the copyright of the award-winning works.

  4、 Award setting

  First prize 1 prize fund: about 100 yuan

  Two second prizes. Prize fund: about 80 yuan

  Third prize 3 prize funds: about 60 yuan

  Incentive award (determined according to the proportion of participants) Prize funds: to be determined

  5、 Relevant arrangements

  Solicitation time: from now until October 20, 2014.

  6、 Submission contact

  Contact: Liu Baoshan, general manager's office, Tel.: 13981138853

  QQ:271398832 Email: QQ email or lbspcman@163.com

  I hope you will actively participate!

  Trade union of Sichuan Kelai Elevator Co., Ltd

  September 3, 2014



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