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The intellectual property work of Kelai elevator was affirmed by the leaders of the Provincial Bureau


2022-08-22 14:20


  Recently, Huang Feng, director of the Intellectual Property Office of Sichuan Province, and his party came to Mianyang for a work seminar to investigate the implementation of the spirit of the 2016 Provincial Intellectual Property (patent) work conference, including the work measures to implement the 2016 Sichuan intellectual property strategy outline implementation promotion plan and the 2016 four Sichuan patent strategy promotion plan; The overall consideration of promoting the comprehensive innovation reform experiment and the specific schedule in 2016; Intellectual property (patent) work of counties, urban areas, parks and enterprises and work measures in 2016.

  Sichuan Kelai Elevator Co., Ltd., as the only representative of military civilian integration enterprise in Mianyang, attended the seminar. Liu Bo, deputy leader of the company's intellectual property working group, attended the seminar on behalf of the company and made a speech. Director Huang Feng affirmed the work and achievements of the company's intellectual property this year, He also said that he would continue to strongly support the company's intellectual property work in all aspects as always.

  Also attending the meeting were Yang Zaolin, deputy director of Sichuan Intellectual Property Office, Xiang Li, director of Mianyang Intellectual Property Office, leaders of provincial and municipal intellectual property offices, leaders in charge of intellectual property of Mianyang district and county science and technology bureaus and enterprise representatives.


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