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Kelai elevator won the special fund for patent implementation and promotion of Sichuan Province


2022-08-22 14:20


  Recently, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the notice on special funds for Provincial Patent Implementation and promotion in 2016 (CCJ [2016] No. 44), and announced the list of special funds for patent implementation and promotion in Sichuan Province in 2016. Kelai elevator was listed on the list, reflecting the great progress made in intellectual property work of Kelai elevator.

  Innovation is the soul symbol of the 21st century. For enterprises, innovation is the main driving force of development. As a scientific and technological enterprise, Kelai elevator attaches great importance to intellectual property work. Under the careful organization and leadership of the company's leaders, Kelai elevator has established an internal intellectual property working group, established corresponding intellectual property working system, deeply explored and applied the company's internal patents, strengthened the investment of relevant human and material resources, and made continuous progress in intellectual property work, It has been rated as the "advanced unit in intellectual property work" in Mianyang for three consecutive years and the intellectual property pilot enterprise in Sichuan Province. Up to now, it has obtained nearly 100 authorized patents, including nearly 20 invention patents, which has been in the leading position of elevator enterprises in central and Western China.


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