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April quality and safety monthly report meeting of the company


2022-08-22 14:20


  On May 13, 2016, the quality management department of the company organized the April quality monthly report and safety monthly report meeting in Haiyan hall. At the meeting, Zhou Jiankun and Feng Yanshan reported in detail the quality management and safety management work under the jurisdiction of the company in April, and put forward relevant requirements and rectification suggestions. The leaders commented one by one, took the existing problems seriously and dealt with them seriously. President Yu made a concluding speech at the end, and president Yu stressed:

  1. Safety is the top priority of the company's production. We must pay attention to safety and have a high degree of sensitivity. We can't ignore it at any time.

  2. Never let go of any potential safety hazard. For the potential safety hazard at this stage, immediately formulate countermeasures to eliminate all potential safety hazards in the bud.

  3. Safety work should also be publicized more, improve employees' safety awareness, strengthen safety supervision and inspection on the production site, and ensure the smooth progress of safety production.

  4. For the coming hot and rainstorm weather, safety protection publicity shall be done well.


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