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Yuan Xiaochun, Secretary of Dazhou Economic Development Zone, and his party visited Kelai elevator


2022-08-22 14:20


  On May 10, 2016, Yuan Xiaochun, Secretary of Dazhou Economic Development Zone Party committee, and his party visited Kelai elevator, which was warmly received by Yu Haiyue, general manager of Kelai elevator and relevant staff.

  Accompanied by president Yu, Secretary yuan and his party successively visited the company's exhibition hall, elevator test tower, Internet of things command center, production workshop and intelligent three-dimensional parking garage. During the whole visit, president Yu introduced in detail the development process, scientific research strength, production capacity and output value, collectivization layout and later development planning of Kelai elevator to Secretary yuan. Secretary yuan affirmed the achievements of the company, appreciated the scientific and technological strength, and was full of hope for diversified development. During the discussion in Haiyan hall, Secretary Yuan said: "Kelai elevator is the pride of the military to civilian enterprise of China Academy of Engineering Physics and an example for national enterprises. It is interested in strategic cooperation with Kelai elevator in the fields of elevator, Internet of things, intelligent three-dimensional garage and so on.


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