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Sun Zhiying, head of Qiu county, Hebei Province, came to Kelai elevator to guide the work


2022-08-22 14:20


  On April 29, 2016, sun Zhiying, head of Qiu county, Hebei Province, and the heads of relevant functional departments visited Kelai elevator for guidance. General manager Yu Haiyue, deputy general manager Yang Pinghua, and chief engineer Peng Xingping warmly received Kelai elevator.

  County Magistrate sun and his party mainly discussed with Kelai company on matters related to the construction and market promotion of Hebei Kelai project. President Yu reported the construction progress and difficulties of Hebei Kelai project to county magistrate sun in detail. The two sides discussed the problems one by one, discussed them one by one, and solved the doubts on site, which once again reflected the enthusiasm, sincerity and pragmatism of Qiu county government and the concern of Qiu county government for the development of Hebei Kelai. After more than two hours of negotiation, the two sides reached an agreement on the relevant work of Hebei Kelai.

  Hebei Kelai Elevator Co., Ltd., established in September 2015, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Kelai Elevator Co., Ltd. to build the largest elevator research and production base in northern China. The project is located in Qiu County Economic Development Zone, covering a total area of 286 mu. It will build a modern elevator industrial park integrating R & D and production of passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, medical elevators, cargo elevators, commercial escalators and three-dimensional garage.


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