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The intellectual property work of Kelai elevator was highly praised by the joint acceptance working group of Provincial Intellectual Property Office


2022-08-22 14:20



  On January 20, 2021, entrusted by the State Intellectual Property Office, the joint acceptance working group organized by the provincial market supervision bureau (Provincial Intellectual Property Office) and the Provincial Intellectual Property Service Promotion Center came to Mianyang to accept the "construction of national intellectual property strong county demonstration area" in Fucheng District and Youxian district. The working group arrived at Kelai elevator at the first stop, Check and accept the development and achievement transformation of the company's intellectual property work.

  Yu Haiyue, general manager of Kelai elevator, and Liu Bo, deputy general manager in charge of intellectual property work received warmly. Entering the hall, Liu Bo reported to the working group through the exhibition board an overview of the development, management, protection, achievements, application and transformation of intellectual property work of Kelai elevator. Said that since October 2010, with the help and support of Mianyang Intellectual Property Office, the company has applied for more than 200 national intellectual property rights, and has authorized more than 200, including 34 invention patents, 2 software copyrights, 163 utility model patents, 21 design patents and 7 trademark rights. The patent implementation rate reached more than 90%, which played a leading role in the elevator industry in the central and western regions. In terms of application and transformation, Kelai elevator has not only been supported by relevant support funds, including the implementation and application of patented technologies such as "an elevator battery renewable energy utilization and energy-saving system and method", "elevator energy recovery system based on lithium carbonate battery", "an elevator target floor group control system", "a detection method to prevent accidental movement of elevator car", It solves the problem of large energy consumption of traditional elevators, reduces the cost of elevator use, and improves the safety and maintainability of elevator operation. The solid intellectual property work of the company has been highly affirmed and praised by the leaders of the working group.

  Subsequently, the leaders of the working group visited the company's exhibition hall, elevator, Internet of things, production workshop, intelligent three-dimensional parking garage and other projects. In the afternoon, a good news came from Mianyang City. Youxian district and Fucheng District of Mianyang City successfully passed the acceptance of "construction of national intellectual property strong county demonstration zone" with high scores.

  Science and technology is the primary productive force. Kelai elevator attaches importance to technology R & D, takes scientific and technological innovation as the leading factor, improves its independent innovation ability and technical strength, and has established a provincial enterprise technology center, academician expert workstation and skill master studio, with independent R & D, manufacturing, installation, transformation and repair capabilities; It attaches importance to the development and achievement protection of intellectual property work, and has been awarded the titles of advanced unit of intellectual property work in Mianyang, pilot enterprise of intellectual property in Sichuan Province, national intellectual property advantage cultivation enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, etc.


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