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2022-08-22 14:20


  On 25th, 2021, an "uncle" who was about 60 years old came to the Collet Elevator. He was so excited that he couldn't hide his excitement. After asking carefully, he realized that he had traveled more than 20 kilometers by car and made a special trip on behalf of the owners of their community. Collet Company sent a pennant. The original elevator project implemented by the company in their community not only completely solved the problem of their elderly people’s travel difficulties, but also during the implementation process, Collet’s staff conducted site surveys, implementation plans, agency approvals, hoistway and elevator design, manufacturing, installation, Commissioning, maintenance and other aspects provide them with one-stop service, which makes them worry-free, comfortable and relieved.

  The community where the uncles are located is the family building of the Mianyang Traffic Police Team. They are all decades old. As time goes by, the owners are getting older and older, making it more and more difficult to go up and down, let alone buy supplies and furniture. When the heavier daily necessities are upstairs, most of the children of the old people are traffic policemen. The working hours are long and it is difficult to take care of them at home. Thinking of the dedication of the older generation of city builders, the hardships of the city guardian police, and the mission of "Relying on science and technology to serve the society" of Collet, Collet’s Elevator Installation Division has been in the spirit of The service attitude of "more movement of legs, less movement of mouth", and the service spirit of "service with heart, sincere and forever" will earnestly construct the project. Throughout the process, Collet’s enthusiasm, meticulous, diligent, and attentive service made them see it in their eyes, joy in their hearts, and were deeply moved, and finally they were highly praised by users.

  Huang Yong, the person in charge of the installation of elevators at Collet, introduced: The installation of elevators in old communities is a nationally promoted project to benefit the people. It is an important way to solve the contradiction between the elderly and the State Council. Opinions, provinces and cities have also successively introduced local policies regarding the installation of elevators in existing buildings. Collet’s “one-stop” service was launched in time to make users more worry-free, comfortable, and at ease! Collet Elevator can also combine more than 30 years of elevator development experience and develop better prices and more beautiful appearance according to the special environment of the user’s community. With more complete functions and more convenient technical solutions, the elevator is not only a tool for travel, but also a landscape that flows from top to bottom. At present, the family building of Beijing Institute of Technology, the family building of Mianyang Municipal Party Committee, the family building of the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, the family building of the traffic police detachment, the government community, the teachers’ dormitory building of Southwest University of Science and Technology, the family building of Deyang Economic Commission, etc. have been implemented and delivered one after another. Unanimously praised.

  In the future, KLEE Elevator will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "technology, quality, integrity, and service", and provide users with more satisfactory products, so that the reputation of users will create the glory of KLEE's business.

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