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"Elevator can accommodate stretcher" new regulations, developers have different attitudes


2022-08-22 14:20


  The new version of the code for residential design was officially implemented on August 1, which has brought a wave of impact to the national residential design market, including our province. Yesterday's relevant report of our newspaper caused great repercussions, and most residents expressed their support for the implementation of the new regulations. After the introduction of the new regulations, what is the attitude of developers on the provision that an elevator must be able to accommodate a stretcher? The reporter contacted a number of real estate developers in the provincial capital yesterday. The new regulations are roughly divided into three categories: positives, pessimists and rationalists.

  Activists believe that promoting the optimization of residential design

  Manager Liu, the person in charge of a real estate developer near Wangjiang Road, the provincial capital, told reporters that the design drawings of some residential buildings for their buildings to be built were submitted for approval before August 1 and do not need to be revised. However, there are still some real estate drawings to be built, which are still under design. They will review the design drawings in strict accordance with the new regulations. If there are any places that do not comply with the new regulations, they will modify or redo them immediately.

  "We believe that the requirements of the new regulations for residential elevators are very reasonable, which can promote the optimization of residential design and meet our concept of safe escort for owners. We will develop real estate that reassures owners in strict accordance with the requirements of the new regulations."

  Pessimists believe that the early design should be pushed down and started again

  An unavoidable fact is that designing a stretcher elevator and modifying the size of the original elevator shaft is not a simple job. It is "pulling one hair and moving the whole body" for the whole real estate design.

  It is understood that at present, in order to minimize the shared area, the elevators used in residential buildings generally take the "economic route". For example, the width and length of residential elevator cars with a load of 630kg (8 people) are generally 1.1m and 1.4m, and the corresponding elevator shaft size is 1.7m × 2.1m. According to the analysis of elevator technical specifications, if the detachable shovel stretcher is accommodated, the load capacity should reach at least 1000kg, and the minimum size of elevator car is 1.1m × 2.1m, corresponding to shaft size of 1.8m × 2.6m.

  This change will directly affect the plane layout of the whole building, including the house type and the area of waiting for elevator. "When the construction drawings are about to be released, they say that the construction drawings will be greatly changed, which means that the whole design will have to be reworked. The work has been done in vain for so long, so they have to be pushed down and start over again." the head of the design department of a developer near Silihe road said.

  Rational parties have little influence on the expansion of fair share

  For the new regulations, more developers still hold a rational attitude. Because before the pre-sale of the real estate, the construction drawings must be sent for approval, and the pre-sale license can be obtained only after the approval. Even if the construction drawings of some buildings need to be redesigned, because the buildings are not pre sold, the shared area will not affect the owners.

  According to a real estate developer, at present, the shared area of small high-rise buildings in Hefei is about 15% - 20%. After the introduction of the new regulations, it is necessary to expand the capacity of an elevator, which will certainly increase the shared area. However, when the shared area is apportioned to each owner, there is not much. "For example, the public share of a real estate is 18%. According to the standard of four households per ladder, each household will increase the public share area by about 2%, which will not have much impact."

  Elevator enters the "aging" period

  Yesterday, master Qian, a retired engineer who worked in an elevator manufacturing company, called this newspaper to reflect the aging phenomenon of many elevators in the provincial capital. "Some elevators in public places have been running for a long time. In addition, the poor maintenance at ordinary times has accelerated the aging of elevators, and there are many potential safety hazards, such as line aging. Suddenly stopping operation is a small matter, and it will be a big trouble if they get out of control." master Qian said with concern.

  According to the statistics of China Elevator Industry Association, there are about 1.63 million elevators in operation in China, which is the country with the largest number of elevators in the world. According to the calculation of the average service life of elevators for 20 years, China has entered an important period of elevator aging. For various reasons, there is no clear data on how many elevators are in extended service and operating with diseases.


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