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Shanghai Elevator scrapping standard is expected to be issued in June to limit the "service" time of old elevators


2022-08-22 14:20


  In Shanghai, some old elevators are working "over age". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the press conference of the "public welfare publicity film for children and children using elevators safely (behavior chapter) of Shanghai elevator industry association that at present, there is still a gap in the standards for judging the abandonment of elevators, and the Shanghai local standard" technical requirements for judging the abandonment of main parts of elevators " It is expected to be issued by the end of June. At the same time, in order to solve the confusion of elevator maintenance market, the association plans to launch industry guidance prices.

  Vicious market competition

  The use of elevators has become more and more popular in cities. According to statistics, the number of elevators in use in China has been close to 2 million, and there are as many as 150000 in Shanghai alone. But Zhi Xifeng, Secretary General of Shanghai Elevator Industry Association, said that at present, the maintenance market is chaotic, and the low-cost competition is serious regardless of cost projects. "In 2007, Shanghai Elevator Industry Association issued According to the quota standard for maintenance of residential elevators in Shanghai, it is suggested that the maintenance fee for elevators below 10 floors should be about 500 yuan per month. However, according to the actual survey, the monthly maintenance price of many residential areas is less than 100 yuan. "

  Zhi Xifeng said that the sacrifice of low price is to maintain quality. "In order to reduce the price, many informal maintenance points use the means of making up for the number, replacing the old with the new, and using counterfeit or refurbished old parts." It is understood that in order to solve the vicious low-cost competition of elevator maintenance, relevant departments and enterprises jointly formulate an industry guidance price to prevent the low-cost competition of maintenance projects regardless of cost and strengthen the standardized procedures of elevator maintenance.

  The technical level of the staff is generally not high

  Elevator maintenance is a highly technical job, but at present, most of the maintenance personnel in Shanghai are migrant workers. Their cultural level is not high and they lack high technology. They know nothing about the electronic control technology of elevators. Even some small maintenance points have the phenomenon of working without certificates. Zhi Xifeng said that if a person repairs 40 elevators a month, the current situation is very good The shortage of maintenance personnel in Shanghai has reached more than 1000. "But now, the current situation of elevator maintenance in Shanghai is that one person has to repair 60 or more elevators every month. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of maintenance."

  According to the survey, the annual increasing rate of elevators in Shanghai is more than 20%, but the maintenance personnel in Shanghai are in short supply. Therefore, Zhi Xifeng said that in the past few years, the association began to cooperate with vocational schools in some underdeveloped areas in Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places to set up elevator installation and maintenance courses to train professionals.

  Elevator scrapping standard blank

  In Shanghai, especially in some old high-rise communities, the "over age" work of old elevators is very common. Zhi Xifeng said that at present, there is no scrapping standard and scrapping period for the whole elevator in China, which is one of the reasons for the "over age service" of old elevators.

  Since last year, the relevant departments in Shanghai and the elevator association have drafted and completed the local standard of technical requirements for scrapping of main elevator components. It is expected to be issued by the end of June this year and become a local regulation for implementation. However, at present, this standard is only a recommended standard, not mandatory.


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