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China's elevator has entered the "aging" period, and the "retirement" standard will be released


2022-08-22 14:20


  According to voice of china CNR news, cars and televisions have scrapping deadlines, but vertical ladders that often work overload should always stick to their "posts". In the face of the high incidence of elevator accidents, the elevator "retirement" standard will be released.

  Elevator safety accidents once aroused people's concern about the overload of elevators for a long time. In fact, there are no specific requirements for the service life of elevators, whether from the national norms and standards or from the international precedents. However, as a super large city, relevant departments are currently discussing whether elevators used in the public domain in Beijing should be subject to mandatory scrapping and the number of years for mandatory scrapping.

  At the same time, Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has begun to make substantive progress in this regard. Xing Lei, director of the special equipment department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that the relevant departments will issue the scrap standards for key parts of vertical ladders this month. Through the setting of these standards and the assistance of technical means, the safety of the elevator within its service life will be guaranteed and improved, and finally realize the normalization requirements of elevator scrap treatment.

  Xing Lei said that the scrapping life of public operated vertical elevators will certainly be different from residential elevators, and there will be different scrapping standards. In the next step, relevant departments will carefully study the scrapping standards of public domain elevators, including escalators, to prevent these overloaded elevators from fatigue operation.

  According to the statistics of China Elevator Industry Association, there are about 1.63 million elevators in operation in China, which is the country with the largest number of elevators in the world. According to the calculation of the average service life of elevators for 20 years, China has entered the period of elevator aging. However, for various reasons, many elevators are still overloaded or out of date.


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